Rivian IPO Update

Lincoln Sorensen |

You may have heard about a popular new entrant in the Electric Vehicle market. Rivian (ticker RIVN) recently announced that the company will go public tomorrow with the anticipated IPO price between $72 and $74 a share.

We wanted to pass along a few key takeaways on Rivian and the EV market as a whole.


Bull Case:

  • Rivian already has developed a strong consumer following and is backed by Amazon.
  • Amazon has committed to purchasing 100,000 commercial delivery vehicles.
  • In addition to commercial vehicles, Rivian will produce full-size SUVs and trucks, which make up 80% of the vehicles purchased in the US.
  • There is currently limited competition in the pick-up truck and SUV EV market.
  • Purchasers will likely benefit from tax credits and purchase subsidies.


Bear Case:

  • The Electric Vehicle market is a bubble. Continuing to provide excessive low-cost capital to the auto market will eventually have an adverse impact on RIVN performance.
  • Traditional auto manufacturers will eventually crowd the space.
  • Technology shifts, such as better batteries, could undermine Rivian’s competitive edge.
  • Rivian’s solid early reputation could take a hit if initial quality ratings are low.


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