Summit: Marketable Securities Line of Credit

Brian Landzaat |

How can I tap into funds without disrupting my current investments?

A Marketable Securities Line of Credit (MSLOC) is your answer. It's designed for individuals like you who are fully invested but need liquidity. By leveraging your existing investment portfolio with an MSLOC, you gain immediate access to funds without having to sell any assets. This means you can meet your immediate financial needs while still potentially benefiting from the continued growth of your investments. Vista's MSLOC offering ensures that you have a financial solution tailored to your unique situation, allowing you to address immediate concerns without losing sight of long-term goals.

Consider the following highlights of a Marketable Securities Line of Credit when making financial decisions:

  • Immediate Liquidity: Access funds without liquidating your investments.
  • Financial Flexibility: Use the credit for various purposes, from real estate purchases to business investments.
  • Asset Growth Potential: Benefit from the potential appreciation of your securities even as you borrow against them.
  • Customized Solutions: Credit limits and terms tailored to individual financial situations.
  • Tax Efficiency: Borrowing against securities can be more tax-efficient than selling them.
  • Low-Interest Rates: Typically lower than traditional loans due to the collateralized nature of the credit.


Vista Peak Success

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